Best Grass for Dogs

What is the Best Grass for Dogs?

Jamie Tedder

Many pet owners are all too familiar with the sight of a nearly barren lawn riddled with holes and patches of dead grass. They may have resigned themselves to this as an inevitable part of pet ownership.

All that playtime—running, digging, and rolling around—can damage your lawn over time, not to mention their routine bathroom breaks that can quickly transform your supposedly green grass into a sad, yellow hue.

When shopping for grass for sale, it’s easy to overlook the importance of factoring in your dog’s activity. However, this can significantly influence your decision to select a grass variety that can withstand daily wear and tear. 

The Qualities of the Most Durable Grass for Dogs

If you’re looking to install new sod for a dog-friendly lawn, it’s crucial to look for varieties with high tolerance for wear and spread quickly to recover from damage. This proactive approach can help you maintain a healthy, dense lawn despite the harsh treatment. Below are some factors that make some grass varieties more dog-resistant than others. 

Dense growth: Grass varieties with a dense growth habit can better withstand traffic from pets. The dense turf helps cushion the impact of their activities, reducing wear and tear on the grass blades.

Deep root system: A deep, strong root system is crucial for a resilient lawn. It contributes to its dense growth and ability to endure heavy traffic and other environmental stresses. Deeper roots can access more water and nutrients, allowing the grass to recover faster from damage.

Rapid growth rate: Grass varieties that spread quickly can bounce back quickly from pet activity damage. This characteristic allows the grass to fill in bare patches and recover from wear and tear quickly, maintaining a lush and healthy look.


The Best Pet-Friendly Grass Variety: Bermuda Grass

In addition to choosing a resilient grass type, understanding your local climate and selecting a variety adapted to these conditions is key to maintaining a healthy lawn for your furry friends. Bermuda grass is a warm-season variety that thrives in Florida's warm, humid climate. With its impressive heat and drought tolerance, dense growth, and excellent wear recovery, Bermuda grass meets all the criteria for a dog-friendly lawn.

It features all the essential qualities necessary to withstand your dog’s energetic play without losing its lush, green look—deep roots, durability, and a fast recovery rate. These same attributes make Bermuda grass a leading choice for high-traffic areas like golf courses and athletic fields, where it endures constant heavy use.

However, even the most durable lawn can only last with proper maintenance. In addition to regular fertilizing, watering, and mowing, you can minimize damage by transitioning your dog’s potty breaks to a dog grass pee pad designed for that purpose. This helps protect your lawn and keeps it looking its best.


Gotta Go Grass® Pads for Dogs

At Gotta Go Grass®, we use Bermuda grass for our natural grass pads for dogs, providing a versatile solution perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Set it up indoors to provide an accessible bathroom for your dog, preventing accidents that can damage your carpets and floors. Alternatively, use it outdoors to protect your lawn, saving you the expense and effort of constant repairs.

Did you know that dog urine can turn your grass yellow? The high nitrogen content in the urine acts like concentrated fertilizer, burning the grass and resulting in unsightly discoloration. You can help prevent this by teaching your dog to use the dog grass pee pad instead, keeping your lawn lush and green.


Pet-Friendly Grass for Sale at Bethel Farms

Overall, Bermuda grass is the top pick for a resilient lawn that can withstand your dog’s spirited play. This grass type thrives in full sun and tolerates heat and dry conditions. Once it’s established, it requires deep but infrequent watering. Improved varieties like BIMINI® Bermudagrass bring added benefits, like better cold tolerance. It maintains its dark green color in conditions where other varieties would go dormant, ensuring a vibrant, dark green lawn year-round.

Choosing to establish Bermuda grass from sod provides the advantage of an almost instant green cover, saving you from the longer wait involved in growing the grass from other establishment methods. It provides instant gratification with a green lawn while reducing the risks of erosion and weed growth during the initial establishment stage.

If you need more advice on choosing the best grass for your dog, our lawn care experts at Bethel Farms will gladly assist you.

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