#Keep It Real

Natural grass is a pivotal part of our environment and personal health. As farmers, we understand how crucial real turf is to our planet and those who live on it. Learn more below and become an advocate for natural grass


Natural grass provides a soft-landing pad when playing outside. Natural grass produces fewer lower body injuries and concussions than synthetic turf.


Natural grass helps human health beyond the physical. Looking to improve your sleep, reduce pain, and minimize stress? Try walking barefoot on fresh grass.

Resource Quality

Natural grass converts carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen; providing clean air for us to breathe. It also filters groundwater through its roots.

Environmental Benefits

Natural grass helps to delay runoff, reduce erosion, cools urban heat, and provides a thriving ecosystem to thousands of crawling critters.

This Farm Cares Award

In 2016, Bethel Farms was recognized for our best management practices (BMP’s) by “This Farm Cares”. We keep the environment’s health in mind during our daily farm operations. Bethel believes being an environmental steward is a responsibility entrusted to us. We are honored to be an industry leader in innovation and environmental efforts.

Bethel Cares About the Environment

  • Telemetry System

  • Reservoir

  • Water Tiles

Bethel Farms spans over thousands of acres which require inputs to thrive. Our telemetry system is a way to measure the needs of our fields, so we conserve natural resources and lessen our footprint.

Our reservoir increases our water supply for irrigation and provides flood control. We are able to adjust our watering amount at any time based on the field’s need.

We save on water through our irrigation systems. Our system allows us to flow the water underground, which saves tremendous amounts of water waste. An open irrigation system wastes 30%-40% more water than our underground water tile system.

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bethel farms telemetry system
irrigation system at bethel farms