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Farm Fresh Grass Pee Pad For Your Furry Friend

Natural Fresh Patch for Potty Training

Gotta Go Grass is a grass relief tool by Bethel Farms. Gotta Go Grass is grown by pet lovers, just like you! We know pet parents want the best for their furry friends. We want to help provide convenience for pets and peace of mind for their humans.

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Farm Fresh Grass

Gotta Go Grass is the familiar option. It is living, healthy and green grass grown in real soil. Dogs sniff and smell nature.

Natural Absorption

Our special growing process uses real soil to recreate nature's process for absorbing odor and liquids.

Odor Control

Gotta Go Grass locks the soil in tight so there’s no dirt to contend with, odors are taken care of Mother Nature’s way.

Interlocking Trays

Our interlocking trays allow you to create the perfect space no matter what size your furry friend grows to be.

Why Gotta Go Grass Pads?

  • House Training

  • On the Go

  • Convenience

  • Home Alone

  • Severe Weather

Bringing a new member of the family home is such a precious time. You want the best for your furry new friend and want he or she to feel at home. Go natural with Gotta Go Grass and give your dog the familiar option.

When life keeps you moving Gotta Go Grass gives you and your best friend peace of mind if you can’t stop but your buddy needs a break. Gotta Go Grass is the ideal answer for both of your schedules. A lawn you lay in the back of your SUV, camper, or truck provides a simple comfort that goes a long way toward relieving stress.

Life as an apartment or condo dweller can be challenging when you’re a pet…or a pet parent. Gotta Go Grass on the deck or in a corner of the room provides doggie relief and reduces your stress.

Looking at your watch, wondering if your buddy is going to make it or if you’re going to have a mess to clean up? You don’t need to rush out of that engagement or meeting and your dog doesn’t have to wait.

You dread getting dressed, then drenched, but you know those big puppy eyes will soon make clear it’s “time for a walk. A patch of Gotta Go Grass in the corner means you stay warm and dry and doggie has a natural way to deal with the “call of nature.”

grass pee pads for dogs by gotta go grass
grass pee pads for dogs by gotta go grass
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indoor grass pad for dogs
indoor grass pad for dogs