NutriPod in 2024: The Next Big Thing in Landscaping

Jamie Tedder

At Bethel Farms, we've always viewed landscaping as a deep connection to nature. As time passes, our tools and techniques have evolved, making lawns more vibrant and plants more resilient. A fascinating tool on the horizon is NutriPod. With 2024 fast approaching, we're excited about introducing this marvel to our customers.

NutriPod’s Beginnings

NutriPod has been carefully formulated to enhance the growth and establishment of SodPods grass plugs. This product is specifically designed as a nutritional boost for this type of grass.

NutriPod Bundle


Delivering a consistent flow of nutrients for up to 45 days guarantees that the grass plug flourishes vibrantly and vigorously. With NutriPod, you no longer worry about inconsistent feeding times or the risk of under or over-nourishing for establishment.

Watch the video below to witness how NutriPod operates and dissolves.

However, the visionaries behind NutriPod saw beyond this initial use. They thought if it's this effective for SodPods, why not extend its magic to a broader range of plants?

Expanding Horizons

By 2024, we at Bethel Farms envision NutriPod as more than a grass supplement. It's set to cater to various plants in our lawns and landscapes, such as annuals, perennials, woody shrubs, flowering shrubs, palm trees, and even the veggies in our backyard. Imagine a pod, expertly crafted with all the nutrients your beloved roses or tomatoes require. And the cherry on top? The pod's exterior disintegrates, ensuring a clean, waste-free process.

At Bethel Farms, we pride ourselves on pioneers of modern landscaping solutions. To us, NutriPod is more than a nourishment; it represents a paradigm shift in landscaping. Our aim isn't merely to market a product but to empower our community with the finest tools that make landscaping a sheer joy.

Why Everyone Is Falling for NutriPod

  1. Simplicity: For many, landscaping can be daunting. NutriPod eliminates complexities. There is no need for measures or intricate feeding timetables. Place it in the soil and witness the magic unfold.
  1. Eco-friendly: We hold our planet dear, and NutriPod resonates with this sentiment. Its slow nutrient release minimizes waste, and its biodegradable nature ensures our earth remains unsullied.
  1. Consistent Results: Just like us, plants thrive on a balanced diet. NutriPod ensures this equilibrium, leading to thriving plants, vibrant blooms, and lush produce in our lawns and landscapes.

Bethel Farms and NutriPod: Charting the Future Together

We at Bethel Farms recognized the magic of NutriPod early on. We're convinced it's a game-changer our patrons will adore. By integrating NutriPod into our offerings, we're further cementing our stance as a brand that stands for superior landscaping solutions and a sustainable future.

Our team is overflowing with enthusiasm. We foresee landscapers reaching new heights, with NutriPod instrumental in this transformation.

NutriPod Pro: A Quantum Leap for the Professionals

NutriPod Pro is specifically designed for vast landscapes such as nurseries, public parks, golf courses, or business properties. This one-time use product not only delivers consistent nourishment to ensure each patch of land flourishes but also streamlines the planting process. To use, simply place a single NutriPod into the hole at the time of planting and then proceed. There's no need for multiple applications, making it efficient for covering large areas. Both novice and expert landscapers will find the NutriPod Pro a revolutionary addition to their planting toolkit.

Looking Ahead

2024 stands out for us, marking a significant shift in the landscaping world. With NutriPod playing a pivotal role, we envision a time of healthier plants, streamlined landscaping processes, and a step towards a greener planet.

We are genuinely enthusiastic about the journey ahead. We look forward to sharing the benefits of NutriPod with our community, keenly anticipating the positive changes it can bring to gardens and lawns everywhere. Our belief in NutriPod isn't just about a product; it reflects our commitment to our valued customers and a genuine concern for the environment.

The landscaping scene is evolving, and products like NutriPod are at the forefront of these changes. With the support and guidance of Bethel Farms, we hope for a continuously greener and sustainable path in landscaping. We're just one of the many participants in this journey, excited to contribute to a collective green vision.