Image of Environmental Initiatives:Bethel Farms' environmental initiatives for sustainable grass production.

Lawn Care Near Me: Finding Experts for Healthy Grass

Jamie Tedder

Are you tired of looking at your lackluster lawn, dreaming of that lush carpet of green that your neighbors seem to effortlessly maintain? Well, the secret to achieving a beautiful, healthy lawn is closer than you think. At Bethel Farms, we're dedicated to providing top-notch premium sod products to transform your yard into the envy of the neighborhood. 

In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of natural grass, introduce you to Jamie Tedder, our Vice President of Turf, and showcase our range of high-quality grass products. We'll also discuss the environmental initiatives that set Bethel Farms apart and guide you in finding the right lawn care services near you. So, let's dive in and discover the world of healthy grass together. 

The Benefits of Natural Grass 

Before we delve into the specifics of our services and products, let's talk about why natural grass is the best choice for your lawn. At Bethel Farms, we understand that natural grass is not just about aesthetics; it's about safety, health, resource quality, and environmental benefits. 

Safety: Natural grass provides a soft-landing pad, making it the ideal surface for outdoor activities. Unlike synthetic turf, it produces fewer lower body injuries and concussions, ensuring your family's safety while they enjoy the great outdoors. 

Health: The benefits of natural grass extend beyond the physical. Did you know that walking barefoot on fresh grass can improve your sleep, reduce pain, and minimize stress? It's like nature therapy right in your backyard. 

Resource Quality: Natural grass is an environmental hero. It converts carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen, providing clean air for us to breathe. Additionally, it acts as a natural filter for groundwater, contributing to resource quality. 

Environmental Benefits: Natural grass plays a vital role in environmental conservation. It helps delay runoff, reducing soil erosion and acting as a shield against urban heat. Plus, it provides a thriving ecosystem for countless critters. 

Meet Jamie Tedder: Vice President of Turf at Bethel Farms 

Now that you understand the importance of natural grass let's introduce you to the person behind the scenes ensuring that our grass is top-notch - Jamie Tedder, our Vice President of Turf. Jamie's expertise and dedication to producing the best grass have made him an invaluable part of Bethel Farms. 

Jamie oversees the production of all our grass varieties across our farms in Florida. As a University of Florida graduate, he has applied his knowledge to years of experience growing top-quality grass at Bethel. Jamie is more than happy to offer a helping hand to ensure our customers' success in their yard. 

Bethel Farms' Environmental Initiatives 

At Bethel Farms, we don't just grow grass; we grow it with care for the environment in mind. Our commitment to environmental stewardship has earned us "This Farm Cares" recognition from Florida Farm Bureau. We consider it our responsibility to protect the environment while conducting our daily farm operations, and we are honored to be industry leaders in innovation and environmental efforts. 

Spanning over thousands of acres, Bethel Farms requires careful management and input to thrive. Our telemetry system helps us measure our fields' needs, allowing us to conserve natural resources and lessen our environmental footprint. 

The Range of Grass Products from Bethel Farms 

Now, let's talk about our star players – our premium grass products. We offer a diverse range of grass varieties to suit different preferences and needs: 

Bermuda Grass Products: 

  • BIMINI® Bermuda 

 This improved hybrid Bermuda forms a fine textured, dense turf that excels in high traffic areas from your home lawn to commercial and athletic fields. 

  • Imperial® Bermuda 

A quick filling, ultra-dwarf Bermuda with a very fine leaf texture, making it perfect for a putting surface. This product is a 400 sq. ft. pallet of Imperial® sod. 

  • TifTuf™ Bermuda 

TifTuf™ outperforms all other Bermuda grasses in drought tolerance, keeping its fine texture and bright green color in conditions others couldn’t handle! This product is a 400 sq. ft. pallet of TifTuf™ sod. 

St. Augustine Grass Products: 

  • CitraBlue® St. Augustine 

Developed by the University of Florida, CitraBlue® St Augustine is known for its deep blue-green color and disease resistance. This product is a 400 sq. ft. pallet of CitraBlue® sod. 

  • Floratam™ St. Augustin 

A popular choice in Florida, Floratam™ blankets many of the state’s home lawns. This product is a 400 sq. ft. pallet of sod.   

  • Scotts® ProVista™ St. Augustine 

ProVista™ is a game-changing St Augustine variety based on the proven genetics of Floratam and developed by Scotts® Miracle-Gro. This product is a 400 sq. ft. pallet of Scotts® ProVista™ sod.   

  • Seville St. Augustine 

Seville has a beautiful rich, dark-green color and a shorter, narrower leaf blade that give it a distinctive plush appearance. This product is a 400 sq. ft. pallet of Seville sod. 

  • Palmetto® St. Augustine 

Selected for better color and finer texture, Palmetto® demonstrates superior shade, cold, frost, heat and drought tolerance. This product is a 400 sq. ft. pallet of sod.   

Zoysia Grass Products: 

  • Icon® Zoysia 

Icon® is a medium to fine textured warm season grass. This product is a 400 sq. ft. pallet of Icon® sod. 

With our wide range of grass options, you can select the perfect one for your lawn, ensuring that it thrives in your specific environment and climate. 

Finding the Right Lawn Care Services Near You 

Choosing the right lawn care services is crucial to maintaining a healthy, vibrant lawn. We understand that finding experts for your lawn care can be challenging, which is why we're here to help. Whether you're looking for lawn maintenance, professional lawn care, or simply want to learn more about our services, we've got you covered. 

Natural grass is not just a patch of green in your yard; it's a source of safety, health, and environmental benefits. At Bethel Farms, we take pride in offering premium grass products and exceptional lawn care services to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams. 

If you're in search of lawn care services near you, look no further. Contact Bethel Farms today and let our experts assist you in maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn. Together, we can advocate for the beauty and benefits of natural grass. 

Ready to transform your lawn? Contact Bethel Farms today to explore our range of grass products and professional lawn care services. Your dream lawn is just a call away.