Everything You Need to Know About ProVista St. Augustine Grass

Jamie Tedder

The idea of a lush, green, healthy, and dense lawn that grows slowly, cutting your mowing frequency in half, may seem far-fetched, but not until the introduction of ProVista™ St. Augustine grass—a premium, hybrid variety that outperforms its predecessors in various key areas.

What is ProVista™ St. Augustine Grass?

St. Augustine grass is a warm-season grass well-adapted to Florida's warm, subtropical climate. It flourishes in full sun and is known for its excellent heat, drought, and humidity tolerance. ProVista™ St. Augustine grass shares these characteristics but is specifically engineered to provide heightened performance, including comprehensive weed control and reduced mowing needs.

A culmination of over 20 years of research and development, ProVista™ is a hybrid of two existing St. Augustine grasses, including Floratam—the most extensively used cultivar in Florida. It is a dark green grass characterized by its dense growth pattern, contributing to its weed resistance. The density of its wide, coarse grass blades crowds out most weeds before they can take hold.



The First Ever Glyphosate-Tolerant Grass for Full Weed Control

In addition to its weed resistance, ProVista™ is designed to withstand damage from non-selective herbicides, including glyphosate. While it may seem more practical to use selective post-emergent herbicides, they are often more expensive and may not be potent enough to manage broadleaf weeds. Glyphosate, on the other hand, proves effective against a broad spectrum of weeds.

This added resilience enables your ProVista™ lawn to endure herbicide applications, providing a more convenient and cost-effective solution for weed control without sacrificing lawn health.

Exhibits Slow Growth Habit for Less Mowing Needs

ProVista™ St. Augustine sod is engineered to reduce vertical growth while encouraging horizontal expansion. Unlike traditional St. Augustine grasses, this hybrid variety grows more slowly, maintaining a lower height and requiring only half the usual mowing frequency.

Moreover, its distinctive horizontal growth pattern allows the sod to fill in bare spots and recover damaged areas across the lawn. These qualities position ProVista™ as an excellent choice for high-traffic areas, including households with children or pets and sports fields. It stands alongside other superior options like BIMINI® Bermuda grass, creating a well-groomed lawn with less maintenance on your part.


Delivers Better Performance in Moderate Shade

Like most warm-season grasses, ProVista™ thrives in full sun. But it further sets itself apart by adapting to moderate shade, requiring as little as four hours of sunlight daily.

Additionally, it addresses the prevalent problem of uneven growth associated with varying sunlight exposure across the lawn. A traditional St. Augustine grass lawn tends to grow disproportionately faster in areas under full sun, resulting in an irregular growth pattern. ProVista™, with its slow growth rate, fosters more even growth even in lawns with different levels of sun exposure and shade.

A More Resilient Lawn with Less Maintenance Requirements

With its deliberate slow-growth habit and dense pattern, ProVista™ contributes to a low-maintenance lawn with heightened resistance to weeds and one that can thrive even with fewer fertilizer applications. These features add to the inherent qualities of St. Augustine grass, such as drought tolerance and disease control.

Overall, this adaptability positions ProVista™ St. Augustine sod as a versatile option for various applications, including high-traffic areas, like households with children and pets, and sports fields.

ProVista™ St. Augustine Grass Plugs and Sod at Bethel Farms

ProVista™ St. Augustine grass introduces a groundbreaking standard for low-maintenance and durable lawns. Redefining the possibilities of creating a visually appealing yet easy-to-care-for lawn, this premium sod is available at Bethel Farms in different size configurations—400 sq. feet pallets recommended for starting a new lawn and grass plugs, which are great for filling in sparse areas or damaged spots across your lawn.

Wondering if ProVista™ is the right choice for you? As a family-owned sod and grass plug farm, we proudly offer a diverse selection of grass varieties that thrive in various Florida conditions. Let us assist you in determining the ideal solution tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Explore our comprehensive collection of grass for sale on our website today and take the first step towards transforming your lawn into a resilient, low-maintenance green space!