6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sod Supplier

Jamie Tedder

Sourcing your sod from a reliable sod farm has many advantages, primarily ensuring the success of the installation and maximizing your investment.

In our previous article, we highlighted spring as the best time for laying sod in Florida, whether you're establishing a new lawn, repairing damaged grass, or upgrading to a premium variety. This season aligns with the active growth period of warm-season grasses, which benefit from its mild temperatures and occasional rain. These conditions create a favorable environment for rapid and healthy grass growth, thus facilitating healthy root development in newly laid sod.


What to Look for in a Sod Farm You Can Trust

Besides proper maintenance during the establishment stage, getting high-end results relies on selecting a reputable sod farm that can provide high-quality grass sod for sale. Continue reading as we delve into why considering factors such as reputation, quality, pricing, selection, and location is crucial when selecting a sod supplier for your next project.


The reputation of a sod supplier can be indicative of the quality of their products and services. It's why it pays to do your research—ask around and check online reviews to gauge what past customers have to say about their previous experience.

Additionally, it is beneficial to buy from a sod farm that offers great after-sales service, such as providing advice on how to install or best maintain the sod. This level of support and commitment can be valuable in ensuring the success of your landscaping project.


High-quality sod lays the foundation for a healthy lawn, which contributes significantly to its durability and longevity. Along with proper lawn care measures, high-quality sod should establish quickly and develop strong roots, resulting in a lush and resilient lawn. Conversely, poor-quality sod can result in a weak and patchy lawn that may require premature replacement and incur additional expenses.

When evaluating sod suppliers, inquire about their practices to maintain sod quality, from soil preparation to harvest. Understanding the steps they take, such as watering and fertilization, allows you to make an informed decision and gives you confidence in the product you are buying.


Sod is generally more expensive than other methods of lawn establishment, such as seeding or grass plugging. Unlike seed, sod consists of mature grass that has already been grown and nurtured for a period of time before being harvested. The larger size and more labor-intensive process involved in harvesting sod also add to its cost compared to grass plugs

Quality also plays a significant role in sod costs—higher-quality sod will usually come at a higher price. Investing in high-quality sod may initially cost more, but it can save you money and time in the long run by ensuring a healthy and thriving lawn from the start. When shopping for sod, get quotes from several different suppliers to compare prices. Instead of focusing on the cheapest option, make sure that you are getting quality sod for a fair price.


Different lawns have varying conditions, such as lighting and shade, soil quality, and local weather patterns. It's essential to research what type of grass can thrive in your specific lawn conditions and find a supplier that offers the type of sod you need beyond just considering aesthetics. It can guarantee that the sod you purchase is suitable to the specific conditions of your lawn, contributing to successful establishment and long-term health.

For example, warm-season grass varieties like Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia are known for their excellent heat and drought resistance. They are well-suited for the warm, humid Florida climate, enduring high temperatures and limited water availability. It means you can maintain a lush, green lawn even in these challenging conditions.


When considering a sod supplier, it's also crucial to look at how they invest in innovation to improve efficiency, ensure quality, and increase sustainability in production. At Bethel Farms, for example, we are committed to continuous development and exploring solutions to provide high-quality sod. 

One of the innovations we utilize is the FireFly Automatix ProSlab, an automated sod harvester known for its ability to perform in various conditions and across all grass types. We also integrate autonomous mowing, using Steward by Sabanto, which helps improve our mowing efficiency with minimal human oversight.

These solutions underscore our commitment to excellence, improve operational efficiency, and, more importantly, ensure the sustainability and quality of our products.


Sod is a living product that starts to deteriorate shortly after harvest, lasting for 24 hours or less. It is why location is a crucial factor to consider when buying sod, as it directly influences the product you receive.

When looking for a sod farm, prioritize proximity to your location. Buying sod from a local supplier significantly increases the likelihood of it arriving in peak condition, as it reduces the travel time for the sod. Besides distance, also consider factors such as their delivery time and process. Make sure that the sod arrives on the day of installation to keep it from deteriorating and give it the best chance of thriving in its new environment.


Bethel Farms—A Trusted Sod Farm in Central Florida

Bethel Farms stands out as one of the most trusted sod farms in Central Florida, known for providing premium-quality sod for installation. With over 60 years of industry experience, we have built our reputation on a steadfast commitment to quality, safety, service, and innovation. Our expansion into products like SodPods® grass plugs and NutriPod® grass plug fertilizer is a reflection of our dedication to providing innovative lawn care solutions.

As we continue to grow, both in terms of product offerings and the number of customers who trust us, we maintain various locations throughout Florida to ensure efficient delivery of our grass products.

Lay sod with confidence by choosing Bethel Farms, and visit our website today to explore our wide range of grass varieties.