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Icon® Zoysia
small photo of garden with natural grass
Icon® Zoysia

Icon® Zoysia

400 sq. ft. pallet

About Icon®

Icon® is a medium to fine textured warm season grass. This product is a 400 sq. ft. pallet of Icon® sod.

Zoysia portrays a cool season grass look but has improved heat and drought tolerance. This grass also stands up to foot traffic with a dense layer of fine soft blades, making it perfect for home entertainment.

    Product Details

    Product is a 400 square foot pallet of sod. We deliver curbside only. Driver cannot place sod pallets anywhere else.

    Care Summary


    Mow Height: 2 inches 

    Water: 1 inch per week (once established) 

    Fertilize: Late Spring and Early Fall 

    Installation & Care Guide


    Prepare the soil by loosening 4 – 6” deep, removing any debris. Level the
    area with topsoil and smooth with a rake. Pre-irrigate the surface the evening before sod installation. It is essential the sod is not installed on a dry surface. Flag sprinkler heads to prevent covering the irrigation

    Quick Tip: Gently touch the soil with your hands, if grains of soil
    stick to your finger pads, you are good to go!


    Lay sods just like bricks, in a stagger pattern. Line the seams next to each
    other, creating no gaps. Make sure the pieces are in contact with soil as much as possible. Begin to water right away to start establishment and prevent drying out.



    Water is key when it comes to a new lawn.

    Installation Day: The ground should feel soggy as you step on it; water, water, water!

    First 10-14 Days: Water multiple times a day for short intervals. Depending on the weather, 2 to 6 times a day for 4 to 6 minutes at a

    Once Established: 1-2 inches a week. Irrigation is required as often as it takes to avoid stress. Stress means dried out, crunchy or wilted turf. Watering is a site-specific need and varies widely.


    At the 14-day mark, your lawn should be rooted and ready for the first mow. Be sure to check by pulling gently on the sod; do not mow if it comes up.

    Preventative Maintenance


    A contact/systemic fungicide application should occur within 24-48 hours
    after installation. This will help avoid install stress. After first
    application, a follow up application is recommended according to product



    Wait a minimum of 14 days after installation before applying any herbicide
    to any turf. Assuming you are supplying your new lawn with enough water then
    your grass should be rooted down 2 weeks post install.


    Wait 30 days to fertilize your yard, you are then able to apply a dry
    granular fertilizer according to the label instructions.

    At just over a month old your new grass is still
    establishing its root system. To expedite the rooting process, apply a dry
    granular fertilizer, we recommend Scotts® Southern Turf Builder granular
    fertilizer at rates recommended on the instructions on the bag. With more roots
    comes better moisture and nutrient transfer throughout the plant and an overall
    healthier stand of grass. Establishing a new lawn is a slow process, so be





    Icon® Zoysia small photo of garden with natural grass Icon® Zoysia

    Additional Information

    Shipping Info

    Product is a 400 square foot pallet of sod. We
    deliver curbside only. Driver cannot place sod pallets anywhere else.

    Return and Refund Policy

    All sales are final. We do not accept returns on sod.


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