Panther National: Private Golf Course Features BIMINI® Grass

Jamie Tedder

Panther National, the first golf development in Palm Beach County in nearly two decades, opened in mid-November to members, and it features BIMINI® Bermudagrass.

New Golf Course is Designed by Jack Nicklaus and Justin Thomas

The high-end contemporary development pairs Hall of Fame designer and golfer Jack Nicklaus, with former World Number One, Justin Thomas—who delivers a modern sensibility to the project, complementing the golf legend Nicklaus.

“We want to be the first modern golf and country club in the United States,” said Dominik Senn, a Swiss developer and former professional ski racer spearheading the project. 

“I think modern means you can’t rely completely on someone who did great in the past. You have to bring someone in who represents the future,” he added to the statement about the all-star duo.


It features an 18-hole championship course and a 9-hole Par-3 course, built along custom, modern estates, a contemporary clubhouse, and other community amenities like a wellness lifestyle center. Senn added that the modern golf and country club draws inspiration from Florida’s pancake flat terrains. It features dynamic elevation changes and exciting drop zones prioritizing playability more than aesthetics.

“Honestly, I got really bored with all these Florida golf courses that I was bouncing between that are flat back and forth.” He added that the only difference between these fairways is which has a slightly better design and who manicures the fairways and greens better.


BIMINI® Bermudagrass on Panther National

It took the Swiss developer five years of scouting before stumbling upon the 400-acre plot. It was a cattle ranch that is now transformed into the contemporary Panther National, nestled within a 2,400-acre natural conservation area and reserve.

It boasts seven sets of tees, with 4,563 to 7,840 yards of playable layout. Almost 300 acres of the golf course are covered in Bahia grass and other grass beds that add contrast to the BIMINI® Bermudagrass fairways and rough.


BIMINI® is a Bermudagrass variety—a warm-season grass known for its resilient nature, dark green hue, and upright leaf growth. Its finer leaf texture is a significant departure from the coarser feel of common Bermudagrass varieties, making it particularly favored for upscale, modern developments such as the Panther National.

Beyond Golf Fairways — BIMINI® Bermudagrass as a Versatile Green Cover

In addition to golf courses, the versatility of BIMINI® Bermuda extends to other athletic fields, including the Stetson University baseball field. Its purpose goes beyond sports, proving itself as an excellent option for various applications, such as a durable green cover for playgrounds, parks, and residential lawns. These factors underscore its adaptability and capacity to elevate the overall landscape in areas that require high-quality and hard-wearing turfgrass.