Here's the Best Grass for High-Traffic Lawns

Jamie Tedder

Some of the most cherished memories are often made on the lush, green grass of your lawn. As a child, you likely spent hours practicing cartwheels or playing tag with friends in your backyard. Now, as an adult, you may host weekend barbecues or special celebrations on your lawn.

If you still enjoy spending time on the grass, perhaps with kids and pets of your own running around, you probably want to create lasting memories with them. For this, you'd want a durable green lawn that can withstand heavy traffic while providing a safe green space for your family.

What is the Best Type of Grass for High-Traffic Lawns?

While it's true that high-traffic lawns require more attention to maintain their dense, green look, selecting the right grass type is half the battle. As a supplier of high-quality grass sod for sale in Florida, we recommend two warm-season grass varieties known for their heightened traffic tolerance.

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass that is arguably synonymous with high-traffic lawns. It is known for its dense root system that enables it to thrive in areas where other grass types may struggle. This grass features excellent heat and drought tolerance, and though it requires full sun, it can also tolerate some shade.

This perennial grass spreads quickly through stolons and rhizomes, allowing it to recover rapidly from damage and endure heavy use. Among its many varieties is BIMINI® Bermudagrass, known for its deep green color and heightened resilience to cooler temperatures, maintaining its vibrancy in temperatures where other types would go dormant.

Due to its versatility and durability, Bermuda grass is a favorite option in environments that can benefit from having thick turf, including residential lawns, golf courses, and sports fields.

Bermuda Grass Characteristics

  • It has an extensive root system that contributes to its excellent traffic tolerance.
  • It is also tolerant to heat and drought.
  • It spreads aggressively via above-ground stems called stolons and below-ground stems or rhizomes, allowing it to recover quickly from damage.

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass is another warm-season variety known for its excellent tolerance to foot traffic, owing to its dense growth habit. It forms a dense carpet of grass with light to medium green blades, and while it prefers full sun, it can also manage in light shade.

Like Bermuda grass, Zoysia develops a deep root system, enabling it to tap into water deep in the soil, making it drought-resistant. It performs well in the warm, humid climate of Florida, but can also tolerate some cold. Icon® Zoysia is a variety known for being as durable as it is attractive. It has a deep, thick root structure that allows it to perform well in high-traffic areas.

Zoysia Grass Characteristics

  • It is a drought-resistant grass that thrives in warm climates.
  • It spreads via stolons and rhizomes, forming a dense turf that can resist wear and tear.
  • It thrives in full sun but has heightened shade tolerance.
  • It also has improved cold tolerance.

Factors to Consider in High-Traffic Grass

In addition to grass types, other crucial factors to consider when buying sod include your climate, shade conditions, and the level of your willingness to maintain the lawn.

Foot Traffic

Using the wrong grass for high-traffic areas can lead to issues like compacted soil, thinning, and significant damage. Opting for grass varieties known for their resilience to heavy use, like Bermuda and Zoysia grass, gives you a better chance of maintaining a healthy lawn despite consistent foot traffic.


Warm-season grasses like Bermuda and Zoysia are well-adapted to warmer climates, while cool-season grasses like tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass thrive in cooler conditions. Even with traffic-tolerant grass, when it isn't suited for your specific climate, you may find yourself spending more time and effort than necessary to keep your grass green and healthy.

Soil Type

Some grass types have specific soil preferences, with warm-season varieties usually favoring well-draining soils. A soil test can provide valuable insights into your soil's nutrient makeup, composition, and pH levels, allowing you to make informed decisions about the amendments necessary to create optimal conditions for grass growth.

Shade Conditions

It's also essential to select a grass variety that matches the amount of sunlight your lawn receives daily to maximize its growth. Bermuda grass requires full sun to thrive, although it can tolerate partial shade. Make sure to consider these factors when buying grass for sale. Here we have created a guide on choosing the right grass sod for shaded areas.

Maintenance Requirements

Lastly, understanding the level of maintenance your grass requires is crucial to ensure that it matches your willingness to maintain your lawn. For example, Bermuda grass demands more maintenance than other warm-season grass varieties. Nevertheless, it compensates by delivering a durable lawn that can withstand environmental factors such as heat, drought, traffic, and wear and tear.


Create a Traffic-Tolerant Grass with Bethel Farms Sod

A good lawn should be durable enough to resist consistent heavy foot traffic, adapt to its environment, and withstand extended periods of drought — a factor that is more of a necessity than an option in Florida. If you find yourself constantly dealing with dry, patchy, or dead grass despite regular upkeep, it might be time to reconsider the type of grass you have.

Understanding the strengths and characteristics to look for in a lawn that is subject to regular traffic is a crucial step toward achieving a healthy, green lawn.

Bethel Farms stands out as one of the trusted sod suppliers in Florida, providing a wide range of farm-fresh, warm-season grass varieties for sod installation. Sod delivers several benefits, including faster establishment compared to grass seeds and providing an almost instant green cover, making it an excellent choice for those looking to quickly establish a healthy and vibrant lawn.

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