3 Most Popular Bermuda Grass Varieties

Jamie Tedder

Establishing a healthy, green lawn is a pretty straightforward endeavor. Other than mowing regularly and applying fertilizer, lawns can be pretty low-maintenance and can thrive with the bare minimum requirements like sunlight, water, and healthy soil—that is if you plant the right grass type for your lawn.

You probably don’t think too long or hard about the type of grass in your lawn. But how well your green cover performs has a lot to do with understanding what is appropriate in your region, climate, and the type of soil you have, to name a few.

If you’re living in the southern region, opting for warm-season grass varieties is the way to go. They are better adapted to the warmer climate of the region, with its sweltering hot summers and moderate winters.

What is Bermuda Grass?

Bermuda grass stands out as one of the most favored warm-season grass varieties, known for its resilience in warm, tropical climates. It thrives in high temperatures, mild winters, and moderate to high rainfall.

Although Bermuda grasses (Cynodon species) generally share many characteristics, the different cultivars may exhibit slight variations in texture, color, shape, and overall attributes. They produce light to dark green color leaves, and though they generally have limited shade tolerance, some varieties are specifically bred for improved cold tolerance.

Among all the warm-season grasses, Bermuda grass has the fastest growth rate in optimal conditions. It develops a robust root system of rhizomes and stolons that spread below and above the ground, resulting in a thick, dense lawn. You've likely encountered it in various settings, particularly on golf courses and other athletic fields, owing to its low-maintenance requirements, excellent drought tolerance, and self-repairing abilities.

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In addition to seeded varieties, certain hybrid Bermuda grass varieties are sterile and can only be planted as sod.


3 Best Bermuda Grass Types

Here, we will discuss the best types of Bermuda grass and their characteristics.

Common Bermuda Grass

Common Bermuda grass is the most common and the easiest variety of Bermuda grass to grow. It is more resistant to drought and extreme heat, so it's usually grown on the roadside to stabilize soil.

However, with its coarser, broader, pale green leaves and longer stems, this common variety doesn't make a very appealing turf grass. Nevertheless, it may be preferable in the backyard or locations where you want a green cover to prevent soil erosion, and aesthetics are of secondary importance.

Imperial® Bermuda Grass

Imperial® is an ultra-dwarf Bermuda grass variety characterized by its smaller leaves, very fine leaf texture, and shorter spacing between them, resulting in a finer, denser lawn. It is particularly well-suited for golf courses, especially for putting—its softer texture allows the golf ball to travel further and straighter across the ground and toward the hole.

BIMINI® Bermuda Grass

BIMINI® Bermuda grass is a proprietary grass by Bethel Farms. It is known to establish a deep and widespread root system and rhizomes, creating a dense turf with excellent durability, weed control, erosion prevention, and drought resistance.

This improved hybrid Bermuda grass has quickly become a favorite in the Florida market, particularly in sports turf applications, owing to its finer leaf texture, striking dark green color, and upright leaf growth.


Bermuda Grass Sod at Bethel Farms

With all its benefits, it's safe to say that Bermuda grass is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to convert your landscape into a lush, green lawn.

However, the best choice for your lawn still depends on factors such as your aesthetic preferences, soil conditions, and geographical location. Nevertheless, the three most sought-after Bermuda grass varieties discussed here share many common traits, mainly their ability to thrive in warmer climates, thus providing flexibility in your selection.

Bethel Farms is a family-owned farm and a trusted supplier of premium-quality grass sod. We take pride in our range of Bermuda grass varieties, particularly our proprietary BIMINI® Bermuda grass, which stands out for its finer quality, making it a favored option, particularly in athletic fields.

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