TifTuf™ outperforms all other Bermuda grasses in drought tolerance, keeping its fine texture and bright green color in conditions others couldn’t handle!

TifTuf™ is the product of over 25 years of research by one of the leading turf breeders, the University of Georgia. TifTuf™ is superior to many Bermuda grasses for drought tolerance and uses 38% less water than Tifway 419. One of the biggest benefits to this variety is your lower monthly water bill. Not only will it handle drought with ease, but this exceptional variety is proven to withstand shade, wear and tear, and cold temperatures better than any other. Through all these stresses, TifTuf™ maintains its fine texture and beautiful bright green color. Its fine leaf blade with dense growth make this durable yet soft Bermuda ideal for a wide variety of applications from school playgrounds to sports fields.


  • Excellent cold tolerance
  • Excellent drought tolerance once established
  • Tight growth habits
  • Excellent wear tolerance
  • Moderate to good shade tolerance
  • Performs well in a variety of soils