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This improved hybrid Bermuda forms a fine textured, dense turf that excels in high traffic areas from your home lawn to commercial and athletic fields.

Bimini® is an improved hybrid Bermuda that forms a fine textured, dense turf with a beautiful dark green color and upright leaf growth. Its dense, rapidly spreading growth habit and quick injury recovery make Bimini® one of the most durable turfs available.

Developed specifically for athletic applications such as golf courses, football fields, baseball fields, soccer fields and other high traffic sporting fields, Bimini® is widely used in the Southeast for commercial applications. Its soft texture offers a comfortable place for athletes to land, but also creates a suitable and enjoyable lounging area for the home lawn.

Not only does Bimini® bounce back from heavy foot traffic, but it also tolerates many strenuous weather conditions. Bimini® is quick to establish a deep root system which aids in water absorption and heat and drought tolerance. Cold temperatures are not a problem either, as it will survive frost with ease. Bimini® will even tolerate neglect and abuse, and is resistant to pests and disease. With minimal maintenance required, this is the perfect turf to lower your lawn care costs. Bimini® performs at its best in full sun with mowing heights normally associated with fairways, roughs, sports fields and lawns. In spring, you can expect the beautiful deep green color to unfurl, holding through fall. Its beauty coupled with its durable and low maintenance habit makes Bimini® one of the most desirable Bermuda varieties on the market.


Recommended Mow Height .5-1.5 in.

1 in. per Week

Fertilize Mid Spring and Early Fall

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  • Requires a minimum of 6-hour-8-hours of sunlight per day
  • Bimini® Bermuda is a resilient grass designed for active outdoor living
  • Bimini® Bermuda reaches deep into the soil to provide a dense, thick carpet that blankets your lawn while withstanding daily wear and tear
  • Deep green color
  • Faster growing
  • Fast divot recovery
  • Widely used throughout the Southeast
  • More upright leaf growth
  • Frost resistant
  • Deep roots for drought conditions
  • Excellent cold tolerance
  • Excellent wear tolerance
  • Grown on a family owned and operated farm


  • Bimini® Bermuda performs best in full sun but is more tolerable to shade than other varieties.



  • Obtain a stunning look comparable to your favorite fairways and sports fields at a low mowing height, .5″-1.5″.
  • First mow should be approximately 14 days after installation. Be careful not to mow more than 1/3 of the blade length.



  • Apply enough water on the installation day to penetrate the sod and two inches of soil underneath. For the next 10-14 days, reduce your watering to just keep the soil moist throughout the day. Usually watering four to six times during the day, for approximately five to six minutes each time, is required until the roots have been established.
  • After the first mow, reduce the frequency of times but increase the duration of watering at a gradual pace. The goal is to only water once a day and have the grass fully equipped with deep roots.




  • Fungicide: Apply if needed. You may benefit from it if the Bimini® Bermuda is in the shade or has had trouble with disease in the past. First application should be 24 – 48 hours after first watering.
  • Insecticide: Apply if needed, follow label directions. Treat with broad spectrum insecticide if needed.
  • Preemergent Herbicide: Stop weeds from popping up by applying a preemergent herbicide. Follow label directions and wear proper protection equipment. Create a consistent blanket application.
  • Fertilize: Give your Bimini® a boost with fertilizer, approximately four to six weeks after installation to ensure continued establishment of the roots. Follow label directions.

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