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Growing with love since 1958

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Bethel Farms currently employs over 100 people,
on over 4,000 acres of farmland, stretching throughout
the state of Florida

Bethel Farms has been “growing” since day one. From its beginnings in 1958 as a small cattle and
poultry operation in Central Florida, the company has blossomed to become one of Florida’s leading
agriculture companies; producing cattle, citrus, sod and grass plugs.

Bethel Farms produces a wide variety of products, from mainstream to professional to niche selections.

In planning which product lines to develop, Bethel takes a progressive, solution-oriented approach.  Bethel Farms has developed the foresight to recognize the potential of newer products that address industry or customer issues.

“We’re constantly searching for new ways to solve old problems,” states Will Nugent, Bethel Farm’s President.  “It’s part of our overall strategy of servicing customer needs, even when some of those needs have yet to emerge.”  It is this forward thinking, problem-solving capability that produces loyal, long-term clients.  “We focus on doing our job well and anticipating trends and our customers have come to appreciate that.”

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Being a steward of the land, and conscious of everything that is done on the farm, Bethel takes an active role in impacting the environment.  Whether it be an advanced telemetry system, or innovative ways of using irrigation tiles, the efforts are paying off.  Additionally, providing the latest genetics for turfgrass varieties that demonstrate better drought tolerance and water efficiency.  Since water restrictions will continue to be a major issue, Bethel is cultivating more drought tolerant turfgrasses.

Bethel currently operates five farms shipping to the southeastern United States and beyond.